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Tandoori Lambchop Sent to Space

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Ajoutée Nov 25, 2014

First, we landed a probe on a comet. Now we’ve sent a lamb chop into space. And the results were so beautiful you’ll never look at your dinner in the same way.

When novelist Nikesh Shukla and graphic artist Nick Hearne were trying to think of cool things to do around the publication of Nikesh’s new novel “Meatspace”, they quickly came up with the idea of sending meat into space.

Once they’d got the support of East London’s famous restaurant Tayyabs, it was just a case of driving the 119 miles to the Cotswolds with a weather balloon and LOTS of helium. The lambchop reached 25,000 metres, high enough to see the curve of the earth, and landed on a farm in Manston, Dorset, intact, before meeting its maker at the hands of a threshing machine.

If you’re interested in reading the book that inspired such an achievement it can be found here.


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